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Every job needs the right set of tools. It’s been said that “A bad workman blames his tools.” You probably know the frustration and fatigue when using broken, old, or dull equipment! Routine servicing of your handheld equipment, including chainsaws, string trimmers, and hedgers, is an important investment. We can help you do it right!

At Hedrick Repair Service, we know handheld equipment inside and out. Don’t waste time or compromise your safety. Our professional technicians will diagnose, repair, replace parts, and keep your handheld equipment working like new.

We offer service, parts, and repair for:

● Chainsaws
● String trimmers
● Hedgers
● Lawn mowers
● Generators
● Agricultural equipment

Are you using the right tool for the job? Do you have enough power? Our experienced technicians know the right questions to ask to help you choose the right handheld equipment for the job.

An experienced technician needs information about the needs and requirements of your project. Sometimes you can forget that handheld equipment needs regular service and maintenance just like the big boys.

Is it time to replace your chainsaw chain? Is it making the right size cut for your project? Choosing the right tool for the right time prevents fatigue and is important for safety. Call or visit today and we’ll be happy to answer your handheld equipment questions and offer a free estimate on repair. All warranties are handled in house and we offer “Factory Authorized Service and Warranty.” Call us today!